Adventures in Theia

Alchemical apparatus and other found objects in Manuun's study

An inventory of items possessed by the late Drune, Manuun of the woodwose

Curious, Maslorios picks over the various instruments, flasks, containers, urns and other various oddiments scattered around Manuun’s workbench:

  • A glass alembic on a bronze stand perched over a clay pot full of coal-ash
  • 3 glass flasks wrapped in a copper wire mesh
  • 1 pair of iron tongs
  • 1 mortar and pestle
  • 8 empty glass tubes held in a wooden rack
  • 4 smoked glass phials. Empty, but sealed with glass stoppers
  • 2 rods about one and a half feet long and 2 inches in diameter. One looks like it’s made of solid copper, while the other is a highly polished silver, but feels lighter than it should and its luster is greater than silver. Attached to each end of these rods is a strand of copper cable about 1/4" thick
  • 1 crate full of greenish, lumps of rock. They have a strong acrid smell and irritate your nose when you smell them for too long.
  • 1 crate full of lumps of black, sooty “rocks”
  • 1 very heavy, pint-sized iron flask. You unscrew the stopper and pour out a small volume on the ground, a thin rivulet of quicksilver splashes against the earthen floor and congeals into tiny blobs.

Additionally, a wooden chest at the foot of a crude wooden-framed bed revealed a large heavy sack. Inside of it were a hoard of coins: 50 gold drakes, 94 silver owls, and 960 bronze. Also in the bottom of the chest was a well-made bronze torc, with stylized wolves-heads on the end and a pair of bronze bracers. These last items were immediately familiar to Maslorios, as belonging to a bear of a man named Gorbal; a Kelt who rode in Pwyll’s Fianna. However, there was no sign of the belongings of the other missing man, Ruarc.


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