Adventures in Theia

Farewell Domhnall

Poison, landworm, and Dvergar

Determined to recover their gear, the three adventurers thought about how to overcome the Creepers. Lacking resources, they decide to turn an obstacle into an asset. They planned to capture some of the poison covering the Hyperborean-like man in the crypt and unleash it on the creepers. Bros was able to fashion some torches and pitch plugs for the containers they found in alchemy area. Descending into the crypt, Maslorias and Domhnall entered the chamber with the poison under glass, while Bros stood guard at the end of the hall. Maslorias laid down a layer of magically controlled air while Domhnall broke the glass with a rock. Guiding the poison into the containers proved too difficult so they moved to plan B: gas the bugs behind the mirror. Containing the poison in a vortex of air and maneuvering it into out of the chamber and into the passage with the bugs was difficult but ultimately successful. The bugs died in the vortex of poison and air. The passage behind the mirror was clear of bugs, but also empty of anything useful. Maslorias forced the vortex of poison up the holes in the ceiling and more bugs could be heard dying above. Maslorias then retreated out of the tunnel and closed the mirror, letting the now uncontrolled poison do its work. While waiting for the poison to settle, they searched the newly uncovered body. The sword turned out to be an Orichalcum masterpiece. They also discovered 99 gold pieces sewn into the bodies chest. Checking the other body, another 99 gold pieces was turned up. That done, they decided to probe the holes in the ceiling of the bug hall. But they didn’t wait long enough. When Domhnall opened the mirror door, a few whisps of poison escaped. Gasping, Domhnall fell to the floor. Bros tried to help, while Maslorias looked on in horror. Bros was able to expel some of the poison from the stricken man’s lungs, but the damage was done: Domnal died screaming.

Bros and Maslorias decided to cut their losses and abandoned the poisoned tunnel. Gathering the Domhnall’s body, they returned to the cave above and sealed the crypt. At this point, Maslorias noticed how quiet the cave had become. Exploring the cave system again, they discovered that the Creepers had fled. Bros and Maslorias then fashioned a bridge out of barricade wood to explore beyond the river. Immediately after crossing their makeshift bridge, a massive snakelike beast erupted out of the river and attacked. Enter the Linnorm! Maslorios’ staff seemed to bounce off the beast’s hide, but Bros’ fancy crypt sword had no such problem. After trading a few blows, Maslorias scored a lucky blow to the beast’s neck, felling it. To the southeast the beast’s nest was found. A couple of large eggs and a horde of old coins was the prize. Using the makeshift bridge to finish exploring, they approach the odd door they saw earlier. While trying to open the door, they were confronted by a Dvergar named Grimba. Scrambling the eggs, the three of them discussed the matters at hand. Grimba had been trapped the Linnorm while searching the cavern for some sort of Dvergar artifact he was unwilling to elaborate upon. He thanked Bros and Maslorias and invited them to seek him out if they ever find themselves in his city of Gnoc Crua. After their hearty breakfast, Grimba headed home, Bros and Maslorias burried Domhnall, and torched the alchemy lab and its wicked fluid.

Heading back toward Kaer Kilmaren, Maslorias noted where Judoc and Liannan’s tracks left the path. In town, they planned to recuperate and re-equip for the trials ahead. Unfortunately, two outsiders spending loads of money, some of it of odd mint, made the local’s tongues wag. Bros bragging about this fancy crypt sword didn’t help either…


FlightlessScotsman Grimgravy

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