Adventures in Theia

Hello Cadmus

Downtime in the Kaer? Not so much.

Having returned to Kaer Kilmaren, Bros and Maslorias went on a spending spree acquiring mounts and re-equipping. Blocked from buying a place to stay in the Kaer, they visited family of the boy who survived the chaos beast attack. They bought the boy’s farm for a sizable sum, giving the boy’s family a good opportunity to support him. Living large, Bros made friends losing money gambling and buying drinks. In short order, he was approached with the deal of a lifetime. Not one to pass up such a chance, Bros invested in a mysterious Orichalcum mining venture. No doubt he will be able to retire to a life of drinking and whoring in short order. While Bros was having fun, Masorlias fashioned a new quarterstaff, made plans with the tanner for Linnorm skin armor, researching the odd things they had acquired, and otherwise being lame.

One night early into the their stay, they met an Illyrian follower of Mitra. The city dweller, Cadmus, seemed none to pleased to be out in the wilds of Getae. Commiserating with Bros over drink and dice, talk turned to recent events. He provided news of events in Garstag. Pwll and several other members the fianna had been arrested by the Mitraic authorities. This didn’t sit well with Maslorias, who brought up the threat to all involved: chaos beasts and the people creating them. Cadmus was skeptical to say the least, but agreed to let Maslorias try to prove it. Maslorias, unaware or not caring how the locals would react, glowing with Deep Magic mage light shared his memories of the latest battle with the choas beast. As the inn’s common room went silent and a couple men slipped out, Cadmus agreed to travel to the caves to see the evidence in person. Leaving the common room to retire for the night, Bros and Maslorias were ambushed by thugs. Aided by Cadmus, the thugs were all quickly incapacitated. They claimed to have been told the two foreigners were easy targets by a pock marked redhead who was likely to be a the Grand Druid’s son.

After an uneventful trip to the caves, the rotting chaos beast corpse and the ancient chaos symbol on its chest turned Cadmus into a believer. After skinning the Linnorm and honoring Domhnall with a bottle of fine whisky, the set off towards the Kaer, severed heads in tow. Returning late at night, Cadmus spent the night at the farm since the gates were likely to be shut. In the morning, he returned to Kaer and met Alexios, leader of the Mitraic paladins. From Alexios, he learned the thugs who assaulted Malsorias and Bros several nights earlier had all been murdered in their jail cells. Alexios agreed to meet the strange foreigners and hear their story about ancient chaos being abroad in the world. The paladin seemed to accept their story, perhaps aided by the rotting wolf head staked outside the farm, but seemed more interested in tracking down his wife: Liannan, the Keltic woman now missing with Judoc.


FlightlessScotsman Grimgravy

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