Adventures in Theia

The pocked ginger git

Judoc's rescue

Bros, Cadmus, and Maslorias cautiously explored the barrow. A passage to the west was blocked with a large shone plug. Several alcoves revealed bodies buried upright. They found seven headless bodies scattered amongst them. Disturbingly, they were not buried and seemed to match the heads on the pikes outside the barrow. Exercising an abundance of caution, Maslorias conjured earth to bury the headless bodies. The passage north terminated in carved stone door, beyond which voices could be heard.

The trio burst through the door revealing a pocked ginger git talking to a strange figure in a mirror with a stone golem standing nearby. The figure in the mirror promptly disappeared, the mirror resuming normal behavior. Bros lay into the git with his shield knocking him from his feet. Maslorias put is staff to the man’s throat. Not understanding the gravity of his situation, the git called on the golem to defend him. Cadmus’ saber proved ineffective on the beast, but Bros’ ancient sword quickly severed one of it’s arms. Maslorias pressed his staff into the git’s neck until he realized his position and called off the golem. The pocked ginger, who turned out to be Derwin, son of the Kaer’s high druid, git was reticent about confessing his sins, but his tongue loosed when they made it clear they had no problem adding him to the barrow permanently given Alexios and Liannen’s fate.

He confessed to [GM assistance please] but pinned Liannen murder on Niamv, Kaer Kilmaren’s king’s elder sister. His story told, he led the trio to a secret chamber where Judoc was unconscious under a silver net. The freed the boy who did not stir. Hearing some scrambling in the earth filled passages, they through the net over Derwin who promptly passed out. Gathering their horses, Judoc and their new prisoner, they returned to the their farm to plan their next move.

Discussing Derwin’s revelations with Ygr, he added [GM assistance please]


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