Consort of Koren Ghul


Formerly known as Ymae the witch widow of Crannogmere, a Pictish village north of the Danu River on the western shore of Lake Oerni in northwest Getae.

Aphrodisias is an Illyrian originally from the Imperial city of Commorium. She was “discovered” by the sorcerer-scholar Koren Ghul — a fortune-teller and amateur seer eking out a living, reading palms, tarot cards and the like.

A decade ago she was put under a geas by Koren to flee the colony of Odessos, bearing a book and her memories locked away. She found herself in Crannogmere a month and a half later and was hidden by the real witch Ymae. When Ymae perished a couple of years ago she assumed her identity and was only revealed when a band of outsiders came and drove out a punishing spirit-wolf.


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