Pict warlock with odd woad tattoos


As a practitioner of Deep Magic, Maslorias has mastered the Sphere of Flora and the Glyph of direction.
Recent experiences have him studying the Sphere of Spirit.


Maslorias’ magical potential was discovered at a young age. Shortly thereafter, he as apprenticed to master shaman and left his clan’s village. His studies have lead him to venerate Crann Bethadh, the tree of life. Rather than traditional Pictish tattoos, his reflect Crann Bethadh plus the Spheres and Glyphs used in the practice of Deep Magic. His familiar is large horned owl, Sirona. She is a boon companion and excellent scout. During the Kurgan/Mountain Pict incursion into Getae, his home village was sacked and his clan scattered or killed. His mentor gave him a Circlet of Warning and sent him to confer with the Grand Druid of Garstag. That proved impossible as the city had been captured by the Kurgans and the city’s grove burned. Maslorias joined Pwll’s fianna to combat the Kurgan alliance retake the city. While part of the fianna, he became friends with Doy, an odd, but skilled Keltic hunter and his companion Domhnall.

His current goals, beyond his mission for Pwll, are to learn what befell the Master Druid of Garstag, master a second Sphere, and to craft a magic staff for himself.


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