Black-haired, bronze-skinned and lithe of build, Acadians call the Great Cyrrhian Desert and the Highlands of Phrygia and Zagrosia home as herders and nomads or hail from one of the various theocratic city-states scattered across a fertile plain formed between two mighty rivers: the wide turgid Urrutu and the swift flowing Idigna that tumble out of the Kimmerian massif, to the north and northwest respectively.

Acadian society is notable for its scores of grand bazaars, an expansive merchant class, and an intricate network of caravans and traders that ferry goods all over the known world. This constant exposure to new ideas, and new cultures has made Acadian society open and fairly tolerant of outsiders – at least within the two dozen or so city-states of the plains.

Each city-state in this vast region is dedicated to a singular patron god and ruled by a priest-king and an attendant bureaucracy of clerics of various ranks. Although the authority and power wielded by the theocracy is absolute in civil matters, most religions and cults are tolerated so long as its adherents respect the primacy of patron god’s priesthood and Priest-King.

Character Creation Notes:

Characteristic Adjustment: +1 INT, +1 CON
Cultural Backgrounds: Tribe, Chiefdom (Desert Nomads and Highlanders) or State (City-State dwellers).
Skill Bonus: +10 Bargain or +10 World Lore
Innate Power Desert Dweller
All Nature checks related to survival in the desert are considered ‘easy.’ Additionally, Acadians can survive on as little as 1 cup of water per day and only suffer 1d2 Hit Points of damage per day from dehydration (vs. 1d4).

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