Addendum and modification

Unless otherwise stated these rules override and/or amend the combat and spot rules found in the core rule book.

Order of Action

On page 64 under the ‘Order of Action’ heading, omit the ‘Statements’ phase. This is superfluous. Instead each player declares actions on their turn. If you want to delay your action to a later Dex Rank and respond to the unfolding events that’s a valid tactic.

Combat Skills Greater Than 100

An attacker with a weapon or shield skill higher than 100 points can divide attacks as detailed in the core rule book on page 68 or they also have the option of sacrificing any number of points in excess of 100 and deducting this from their opponent’s dodge or parry roll. This is meant to add a level of tactics choice for opponents with high weapon skills and ameliorates the problem that can arise when two weapon-masters encounter each other and almost never fail their skill rolls.


In addition to two-weapon and weapon and shield styles, a quarterstaff can also be used to perform a riposte.

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