Connecting to Fantasy Grounds

This campaign is run online with Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software. You can connect with a retail or demo version of the game by IP address. Because of some port forwarding issues with my ISP, it’s necessary to connect to the game server through a virtual private network. In this case the Hamachi VPN client.

To use Hamachi there are two steps.
1. Download and install the free Hamachi client
2. Create a free user account and then click on the ‘Network’ drop down menu and select ‘join an existing network’ with the following credentials:
Network ID: Nicks_FG_Game
password: magicworld

After you have connected to Hamachi launch Fantasy Grounds and join the game with the following IP address:

Connection Information
IP address:

There is a one-time approval process from me to add you to the VPN, send me a message to make sure I add you.

If you have any difficulties, go to this support thread on the Fantasy Grounds forum for more details.

Additional stuff:

Connecting to Fantasy Grounds

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