Deep History

In an age undreamed of . . .

Hyperborean Mythic Age

There is very little known about the world before the coming of the Great White wyrm Yikkorth, the legendry beast who is said to have descended upon the earth and driven the Hyperboreans from their verdant jungle home far in the north, while it mantled the world in snow and ice and crushed the first civilizations of the elder races.

Many of the fragments of history that the Hyperboreans preserved are passed down through oral traditions, but the Adamant Stela of Commoricos (a pillar 300 feet tall and 50 feet in diameter at its base) in the heart of the imperial city of Commorium, is the only official “document” that has survived.

On the stela’s surface surface, is engraved the uninterrupted succession of Autarchs that have ruled for over 11,000 years and their conquests, starting with Commoricos I who led a ragtag band of survivors out of old Hyperborea and conquered the mythic elder race of Ophidians, driving them into the dark heart of Stygia.

It was under the Hyperboreans’ influence that humankind first flourished and emerged from the near bestial state. If the these myths are to be trusted, all human civilization traces its roots back to the Hyperborean invasion and subsequent liberation.

Deep History

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