Economy, Wealth and Exchange

Monetary Systems

Every city-state and petty kingdom mints their own coins, but the Illyrian bronze penny is a standard that most cultures and lands have adopted as a baseline and it is exchangeable almost anywhere with any merchant on a 1 to 1 basis. Other coinages of of silver, gold and electrum have been and are still minted, but these coins are somewhat uncommon and don’t always exchange equally when taken outside of their home region.

In various city-states the value of the bronze penny and other currencies is as follows:

  • Illyrians, Kelts, Hyperboreans: bronze penny = 1/5 silver Owl = 1/100 gold Drake
  • Acadians, Kimmerians: bronze penny = 1/10 silver Shekel = 1/200 gold Daric
  • Stygia: bronze penny = 1/100 mithril Hedj = 1/1000 platinum Nebu
  • Kurgan: barter system (Slaves, trade goods, finished goods, etc. measured in yaks. Typically 1 yak eqv. 1,000 bronzes, yak calf eqv. 200 bronzes 1 lb. of yak butter eqv. 5 bronzes)
  • Dwarfs: bronze Chit = 1/2 brass Bit = 1/50 electrum Bolt

Exchange rates:
As a general rule conducting business outside of a coinage’s normal home region with silver, gold, platinum etc. is possible except that the character is required to roll a barter check. A special result means face value is given, a success incurs a 5% penalty, a failure a 10% penalty and a fumble costs the holder 20% of the coinage’s face value.

Exchanging foreign coins to a native currency with a bank or moneylender typically incurs a flat 10% surcharge, but such specialized services are usually restricted to only the largest and wealthiest cities of Inworld (i.e. a city with 15,000+ inhabitants or city along a major trade route).

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Economy, Wealth and Exchange

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