The Physical World of Theia

Trapped in the midst of an ice-age, Theia has a climate that is usually very dry and cool over large parts of its landmass. the notable exceptions to this are the verdant sub-tropical forests and jungles of Stygia and the temperate and alpine forests of the west – the highlands of Illyria and Getae, and the scorching Cyrrhian Desert southeast of Acadia.

The Frozen North
At the edge of the world in the north, massive ice-sheets mantle the surface under miles of imposing and impassable glaciers. In the shadow of the great ice-wall is the frigid tundra and rolling steppe of the Kurgans; nomadic herdsmen who keep flocks of yaks, and hunt mammoths and wooly rhinos from the backs of their unusual beasts of burden — Marsupial bi-pedal creatures called “”/wikis/Leaper%20Camels/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Leaper Camels" that looks something like a cross between a giant kangaroo with a ram’s head.

The Endless Western Forests
Far beyond the settled lands of the Commoric Empire and blanketing a swath of land in Getae, between its rolling moors and deep glens, lays a vast and trackless forest called the Hyrcanian Woods in Illyrian, or the Coedwyg Cyfnos (Koyd-wig KIF-noss) in Keltic; “The Black Forest,” “The Duskwood.” The wood is steeped in superstition and is associated with any number of fey things and is best avoided by good and decent people.

The Arid East
Vast, harsh, and decadent might be the best way to describe the lands of southeastern Theia. Acadia is the civilized heart of the region, a relative oasis of fertile arable land fed by the mighty rivers, Urrutu and Idigna. Inside this long, thin floodplain are found most of the city-states of the land — theocratic, independent and fulll of ancient secrets. Outside the civilized cities lay the scorching deserts to the south and the nearly impassable mountain ranges of the Kimmeria Massif, the Zagrosian Plateau and the Phrygian Highlands.

The Southern Jungles
Dark, mysterious and ancient. Stygia is widely considered a dangerous and inscrutable land of jungles and black magic. The sorcerer-kings rule absolutely from their great marble cities, and the surrounding jungles are wild, untamed places full of cannibals and horrors that have swallowed invading armies whole.

Earthly Coincidences

A map of Inner Theia bears a striking resemblance to the Mediterranean Occident and Orient of Earth’s antiquity. However, Theia is not the Earth, but an Earth. A shadowy reflection of things that might have been, had cosmic and unseen forces been applied differently.

  • Theia’s version of the Pleistocene epoch never ended, yielding vastly different flora and fauna.
  • Thieia’s technological advancements don’t track with earth’s antiquity. Without the disruptions to the tin trade that plagued the ancient world, bronze metallurgical principles have been refined and enhanced and iron is mostly seen as an inferior metal.
  • Migrations of culture have unfolded differently. For instance the Kelts never expanded westward here because of geographical barriers and instead settled in and around what would correspond to Earth’s Black Sea (Modern day Romania and Bulgaria).


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