Hobbits (Halfling)


Most humans in Theia view halflings as a species of sentient vermin – a promiscuous, dishonest, thieving, violent multitude. More than any other race of near-human (even the brutish mongrelmen) halflings are an oppressed and disdained minority. All halflings are borne from eggsacs laid in dismal sewers, dim attics and abandoned buildings by disinterested mothers. When they emerge they are little more than feral, cannibalistic vermin and most die within the first couple of years of life. However a few – usually the most intelligent, nimble or ruthless – invariably survive early childhood.

At about four years of age the feral halfling infant has developed enough intelligence to begin skulking around the fringes of civilized society, living as a scavenger and hunter of alley cats, but also picking up the rudiments of language and behavior. By the age of ten most halfling juveniles have mimicked enough culture to become beggars and street thieves, running with a pack of their own kind until they are strong and smart enough to be noticed by older halflings and drafted into the adult halfling community as something other than vermin. The halflings’ feral childhood, a product of alien biology, explains much of the scandalous rumor about halflings and is the basis of many of their bizarre behaviors.

Characteristics: STR 2d6, DEX 2d6+10, CON 2d6+6, SIZ 2d4, INT 2d6+6, POW 2d6+4, APP 2d6 MV 8
Cultural Skills: Throw, Climb, Conceal Object, Fast-Talk, Move Quietly, Hide, Dodge, Listen, Sense, Pick Lock, and Craft (Sleight of hand).
Allowable Occupations: Bandit, Beggar, Craftsperson/Shopkeeper, Fisher, Lost/Forgotten, Paid Assassin/Thug, Slave, Thief.

Special Abilities: Immune to disease, Fey luck. All halflings are immune to all forms of disease whether of a magical or mundane nature. Furthermore, once per day Halflings can add their POW characteristic to any skill check of their choice.
Liabilities: Small Stature. Because of their small size they are incapable of using the following weapons (even if they meet the STR and DEX requirements): Longbow, Long Spear, Greatsword, Greataxe, Pike, and Heavy Mace.

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Hobbits (Halfling)

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