Hyperboreans (Eld)


Hyperboreans are an elder race of near-humans noted for their tall lean physiques, pale, complexion and long tapering skulls. In the long years of their dominion of Illyria and the Dvergar, Hyperboreans have developed a dark reputation fueled by their infamous cruelty and proclivity for sorcery and reputed dealings with demoniac forces.

Hyperboreans are the ruling elite of the Commoric Imperium and are most frequently found in the city of Commorium where they comprise about 10% of the total populace of the imperial city. As the ruling elite they are considered at minimum aristocrats or noblemen by common Illyrians and have total authority in all matters legal or otherwise. The only thing preventing Hyperboreans from treating all Illyrians with brutality and contempt, is their general lassitude and indifference. Most prefer to spend their days and nights consuming Black Lotus, indulging carnal pleasures, and other diversions far removed from the hum-drum lives of the common races of lesser men.

Hyperboreans frequently refer to themselves as “True Men” and generally disdain lesser races or at best find them pitiable. Needless to say, members of these “lesser” races usually regard Hyperboreans with a similar amount of contempt or open hostility (particularly Dvergar).

Characteristics: STR 2D6+4, DEX 3D6+3, CON 2D4+4, SIZ 2D6+8, INT 3D6+6, POW 2D6+6, APP 2D6+8, MV 10
Cultural skills: Art, Bargain, Cast Magic, Craft, Oratory, Other Language, Ride, Sailing, Scribe, Physik, Potions, and World Lore.
Allowable Occupations: Astrologer, Bandit, Craftsman/Shopkeeper, Official/Diplomat, Lost/Forgotten, Bodyguard, Merchant, Minor Noble, Paid Assassin, Physician/Apothecary, Scribe/Engineer, Priest/Cultist, Soldier/Guard, Sorcerer, Thief.

Special Abilities: Affinity for Magic and Summon Demon. Hyperboreans can have spell levels equal to INT+POW in memory. Furthermore every Hyperborean knows the spell ‘Summon Demon’ innately (whether invoking the spell is advisable or not is left up to the player to decide).
Weaknesses: Sensitivity to Iron. Direct contact with iron causes intense pain (-25% to all skills) and inflicts 1 HP of damage per hour if not removed. As a result they favor arms and armor made of other materials like bronze.

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Hyperboreans (Eld)

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