Similar in many respects to the Bronze Age Hallstatt and La Tene cultures of Earth’s own history – effectively precursors of Goidelic, Brythonic, and Gallic cultures. Kelts are usually regarded as a temperamental, warlike people; as famous for their fearlessness and obsession with personal valor, as they are undisciplined and reckless (excellent one-on-one fighters, but poor suited to fighting in formation). Most Keltic society is built around clan affiliations, ruled by a sagacious class of ruling priests called Druids, who wield absolute authority in tribal disputes, matters of custom, and ecclesiastic matters.

Kelts in Inner Theia usually hail from the lands north of Illyria — Getae; a land of rolling hills, dense primeval forests, and rich bottomland west of the Aixenos Sea. They are historic rivals and enemies of their Illyrian neighbors to the south and have endured many invasions over the centuries. The Kelts have largely survived these invasions with guerrilla tactics and the simple fact that Illyria, for much of its history, has been preoccupied with the powerful city-states of Acadia on its eastern borders, and the necromantic sorcerer-kings of Stygia.

Characteristic Adjustment: +1 STR, +1 APP
Cultural Backgrounds: Tribal or Chiefdom
Skill Bonus +10 Art or +10 one-handed swords
Innate Power: Resist Enchantment
Perhaps because of their long association with fey things, Kelts resist sorcery that affects the mind or will at +10 percent on the resistance table.

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