Dark Haired, tall, and mighty thewed. Kimmerians are a humorless taciturn people who originally made their home in the high mountains and uplands along the eastern shore of the great Aixenos Sea – bounded on the south by the Phrygian Highlands and vast deserts of Acadia and the frozen wastes of the Kurgan Steppe to the north. However, they are now a scattered and greatly diminished people.

The vast Kurgan hordes and the voracious Commoric Empire both coveted the Kimmerian’s secret of working iron into steel and after a thousand years of constant warfare against vastly superior numbers, Kimmeria is now grave-haunted and empty. The Kimmerians who weren’t killed in battle were usually either captured and sold into slavery, or they fled to relatively unpopulated lands like Getae, Stygia and the howling wilderness west of Illyria, where they have settled alongside native peoples or else carved out new holdfasts.

Kimmerians frequently leave their homes to make their fortunes as reavers, pirates, sellswords and adventurers. Their reputation for ferocity and cunning in warfare makes them highly sought after as mercenaries, but when encountered in any kind of numbers local authorities tend to view them with suspicion and fear. As such they seldom settle in one place for long.

Characteristic Adjustment: +2 STR, +2 SIZ, -2 POW
Cultural Backgrounds: Tribal or Chiefdom
Special Abilities: +10 Axes or +10 Craft (smithing)
Innate Power: Mighty Blows
Whenever a Kimmerian lands a critical hit with a melee weapon, he inflicts an additional 1d6 of damage.

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