Kurgans are steppe and tundra dwellers of the utter north, living at the fringe of Inworld.

Western Kurgan are usually found in the areas north of the Aixenos Sea and are renowned for theirhorsemanship (loosely resembling ancient Earth’s Sarmatian and Tatar cultures).

Eastern Kurgans hail from the frigid, frozen wastes north and east of the Hyrcanian Sea (north and east of Acadia) where they live and hunt in the shadows cast by the great glacial wall that blankets the roof of the world. Rather than horses, these folk are said to use strange beasts of burden; a bipedal, warm-blooded, wooly lizard sometimes called a “Leaper Camel.”

Characteristic Adjustment: +1 STR, +1 CON
Cultural Backgrounds: Band or Tribe
Skill Bonus: +10 Ride or +10 lance
Innate Power Berserk
Kurgan are able to whip themselves into a frenzy and fly into a berserk rage by passing a POWx3 roll. The effect is identical to the spell ‘Fury’ on page 111 and lasts for POW number of rounds. The berserk can be ended prematurely with an INTx1 roll, otherwise in the absence of enemies, the Kurgan continues to rampage unable to distinguish friend from foe. This can be attempted once per battle. At the end of the berserk, the character is Fatigued (pg 87) at a CONx3 level (double the chance for a fumble).

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