Starting Languages

All characters are able to speak and understand at least a smattering of Illyrian* (the lingua franca of Inner Theia). Fluency is based on cultural level:

  • State INTx03 percentiles
  • Chiefdom INTx02 percentiles
  • Tribe INTx01 percentiles
  • Band None
Illyrians start with language (Hyperborean) instead of Illyrian

Language (Other) skill:

Acquiring any language is done by immersion or training. Training follows the rules in the book (pg. 52-53), while immersion grants the character a chance to increase understanding over time. For every month exposed to a native speaker, roll less than or equal to INTx1%. If you pass the roll add 1D6 percentiles to that language skill. If only incidentally exposed to another language, then the interval between checks is once every 2 months.

Secret Languages

Secret societies and cults often have their own specific language; e.g. Druidic, Thieves’ Cant, etc. Characters initiated into these organizations get INTx01 percentiles in the relevant language at the conclusion of initiation.


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