Mongrelmen (like Beastmen) are not a race unto themselves, instead they are a Chaos touched creatures with characteristics and features in common with men. Mongrelmen are seen as a mark of sin or shame in most communities and the women who give birth to these abominations often kill or abandon the twisted infant for fear of reprisals. Consequently, most mongrelmen are orphans who live at the fringe of communities and frequently turn to brigandry or thievery to get by.

Unsurprisingly, these deformed oddities are usually regarded with suspicion and contempt by their communities and are frequently driven out. There are rumors of Mongrelmen communities that hide in plain sight, (as it were) in the sewers, abandoned buildings and slums of the larger city-states across Theia.

Characteristics: STR 2d6+6, DEX 3d4, CON 4d6, SIZ 2d6+6, INT 2d6+6, POW 3d6, APP 2d4, MV 6
Cultural Skills: Disguise, Hide, Move Quietly, Mimicry (Art), Sleight of hand (Craft), Evaluate, Conceal Object, Repair/Devise, Sense, & Listen.
Allowable Occupations: Beggar, Lost/Forgotten, Thug, or Thief.

Special Abilities: Mimicry & Camouflage. All mongrelmen start out with a specialized communication skill called ‘Mimicry,’ this ability allows them to perfectly emulate any sound on a successful check so long as they have heard the sound before and pass an Int x 3 roll to learn it. Additionally, Mongrelmen are adept at camouflage and can even hide in plain sight
Weaknesses: Pariah. Mongrelmen suffer a penalty to all Charisma rolls and communication skill rolls with any non-mongrelmen are considered ‘difficult’ (Charisma rolls are APP x03% and skills are halved); the appearance and manners of a mongrelman is unsettling or offensive to all cultures and other sapient creatures.

N.B. Besides a Mongrelman’s proclivity for urban environments, they differ from their cousin the Beastman in that they tend to be composed of an admixture of different bestial traits versus the Beastman who always appears as a man mixed with a singular creature.

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