Picts are a dark complected people of unusual contrasts. Men are typically squat individuals with weather-bronzed skin, dark hair, thick torsos, and long arms. The females of the group are generally petite, slender, pale-skinned with red or raven-hair. There is no real accounting for the stark difference in appearance between the sexes, but the Picts will tell you that men were made in the likeness of Cernunoss (known as Herne in Keltic traditions) and women are the progeny and likeness of The Cailleach Bheur (called Biera by Kelts. Aka “The Queen of Winter”)

The Picts of the far north of Theia are an ancient people whose origins are shrouded in the mists of antiquity. To outsiders their manner of speech, customs and culture appears to be a more primitive form of their southern neighbors the Kelts (a proposition any self-respecting Kelt will reject out of hand as utterly preposterous) but they differ in several important respects. Typically their societies are organized along matrilinear clan relationships. Maternal uncles raise their sister’s sons and other roles are strictly divided along gender lines; the men devote themselves to hunting and war while the day-to-day concerns of hearth and home are overseen by women. Including the overall ruler-ship of the clan by an elected Matriarch.

Picts are well known for a fondness of consuming strong drink before battle (in particular, a strong amber liquor they distill from barley and juniper berries) and for eschewing armor, choosing to fight completely naked save for intricate patterns of blue woad painted onto them by their witches and imbued with the divine protection of The Cailleach.

Characteristic Adjustment +3 CON, -1 SIZ
Cultural Backgrounds: Band or Tribe
Skill Bonus +10 Track or +10 Bows
Innate Power Hard to Kill:
Picts are extremely resilient to physical harm. Whenever they suffer a major wound they do not automatically fall unconscious from shock (after rounds equal to remaining Hit Points) if they pass a CONx3 Stamina roll.

Valley Picts In contrast to their more primitive and blood-thirsty cousins, certain Pictish tribes of the Danu River Valley in northern Getae have adopted largely Keltic ways and customs. These Picts are more sedentary, build hillforts, farm and raise livestock and have developed many trade and kinship ties with their Keltic cousins to the south. However, they are still matrilineal and primarily worship their traditional gods Cernunoss and The Cailleach Bheur, but with admixtures of Keltic gods like Arawn, The Morrighan and Lugh Lamhfada. As a result, they have a distinct version of Druidism, led by a priests and seers called Drunism. Drunes are less legalistic and more tied to nature than their Keltic counterparts.

Characteristic Adjustment +3 CON, -1 SIZ
Cultural Background Tribe or Chiefdom
Skill Bonus +10 Nature or +10 Spears
Innate Power Hard to Kill: (same as above)

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