Saurials (Lizard-folk)


The so-called Lizardmen are a semi-aquatic species of anthropomorphic reptiles predisposed to living in caves near swampy areas or coastal estuaries. Their society is matriarchal, tribal and very rigid in terms of roles – individuals are born to their station and never change (except if they become an outcast). Player character lizardmen are usually outcasts or younglings sent out to complete some quest for their tribe.

Humans and other folk tend to regard lizardmen as uncouth and alien, but unless there is a great deal of localized conflict between communities (usually when competing for territory or resources) then there is no special enmity reserved for Lizardmen and many people regard them with a grudging respect and eagerly seek to hire them as guides and mercenaries because of their unwavering loyalty to whomever they pledge themselves to.

Characteristics: STR 3d6+6, DEX 3d6, CON 2d6+6, SIZ 3d6+6, INT 2d3+6, POW 3d4, APP 2d6 MV 8*
Cultural Skills: Swim, Climb, Repair/Devise, Listen, Track, Sense, Search, Hide, Nature, Trap, and Spear.
Allowable Occupations: Crafter (tribal), Fisher, Hunter, Mercenary/Bodyguard, Nomad, Sailor, Shaman, Slave (freed or escaped).

Special Abilities: Immune to poison, Hold Breath, Natural Attacks and Blinding Spit. Lizardman characters are well adapted to living in swampy environments that would daunt a normal man. They are immune to any and all poisons, they can hold their breath for twice as long as normal men (see page 86 for the spot rules on ‘Drowning, Suffocation,’ Even when Brawling a lizardman does damage with his claws as if he were armed with an ‘Iron Claw’ or can tail slap as if he were armed with a club (no parrying with either though). Lastly, Lizardmen have the ability to spit up to a range of 10 meters with a base skill level of 25%. Target must make a Luck roll to avoid being blinded for 1d4 rounds
Weaknesses: Stunted Tongues. Lizardmen don’t speak human languages as well as other races because of the difficulty they have in forming the words and translating the alien concepts into terms that make sense to them. As a result Lizardmen start with a Common Tongue (Illyrian) language score of INT x 01%, and when they succeed on language experience rolls, gains are halved for “Other Languages” skills.

*Saurials can swim at the same speed they walk.

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Saurials (Lizard-folk)

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