Spot Rules

As needed this space will be filled with Spot Rules if the ones in the core rule book prove insufficient.

Mighty Deeds
Any character can halve their skill and attempt a “mighty deed;” effectively a secondary (but related) skill roll simultaneously.

The maneuver must be related to the primary skill being attempted, but allows a secondary or related skill to be performed in the same combat round (at normal skill); e.g. a character swings his sword, aiming for his foe’s legs. He halves his skill and if he is successful he inflicts damage, but also gets to make a wrestle roll to try and trip his opponent. Another example: A character engaged in combat halves his Dodge roll to break combat and attempt to jump from one rooftop to another immediately thereafter. Yet another example: a character jumps from a terrace at half skill, and attempts to land silently in the alley below.

A special success on a “mighty deed” adds the character’s special chance of the primary skill to their secondary skill roll. If the primary skill roll fails then the secondary skill automatically fails. If the primary skill roll is a fumble then the secondary skill roll is also automatically a fumble.

This is partly an extension/modification of the Arete System on page 102 — 112 of Advanced Sorcery.

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Spot Rules

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