Stygia is a mysterious land of dense trackless jungles and ancient vine-choked ruins, which is home to a variety of neolithic tribes and an urban population restricted to a narrow swath of land along the banks of the mighty river Styx. Although there is some trade back and forth, there is also a good deal of enmity between tribal Stygians and Ziggurat building counterparts.

Stygian tribal groups are organized much as one might expect: somewhat egalitarian, few hereditary rulers, little specialization save for the division between hunters and homemakers. Conversely, civilized Stygian society is a based on a rigid, nearly inviolable caste system that places those with magical talent at the apex. Children with potential are identified early and taken away from their families to study at the feet of the masters (a great honor for the family but they will never see their child again nor be acknowledged by them).

Stygia is therefore a land of stark contrasts between its jungle dwelling tribesmen, independent coastal dwellers and the magi-ruled cities of the Great River.

Characteristic Adjustment +1 POW, +1 DEX
Cultural Backgrounds: Band, Tribe, or State (You must choose ‘State’ if have the Sorcerer, Priest or Cultist occupation).
Skill Bonus: +10 World Lore or +10 Potions.
Innate Power: Resist Venom
Long years in their jungle homes have made Stygians very resilient to the venom of insects, snakes and plants. Stygians gain +10 percent to the resistance table vs. all poisons and drugs and even If a character fails their CON vs Potency roll they only take half-damage. Poisons that cause death can still kill but take twice as long to do so on a failed resistance roll.

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