Time and Movement


  • The MV measurement is somewhat fungible in the core rule book. For clarity’s sake assume 1 MV in combat equals 3 meters (10 feet) (See pg 62 of the core rule book for more details about the effect of movement on Dex Ranks in combat). Thus a character can move about 24 meters (80 feet) in a round.
  • Characters may move up to half their MV in combat and still attack. 1/4 MV costs 5 Dex Ranks and 1/2 MV costs 10 Dex Ranks (round numbers to the nearest whole number); _e.g. A Dvergar with a MV 6 can move 1-2 MV and forfeits 5 Dex Ranks or 2-3 MV and forfeit 10 Dex Ranks.
  • On very steep ground or treacherous surfaces a character’s functional MV rate is halved (from 8 to 4 typically), however a successful Agility Roll can allow the character to move at 3/4 MV, a difficult Agility Roll allows full MV.

Other movement rates conform to the rules given on page 54 of the rules.


Hours, days, months, etc. are exactly what one would expect them to be, but there are two caveats.

  • Calendar & Seasons
    The Theian common year is 352 days long, which is further divided into 8 lunar months which are each 42 days long. In between each month are two intercalary holy days. The holy days are thought to greatly enhance divinations, rituals and fecundity and as such are observed by each civilization and society to varying degrees.
  • Combat rounds
    A combat round is 12 seconds long.

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Time and Movement

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