1,400 years ago: Height of the Pax Commorica. An age of peace for Inner Theia. No serious wars between Commorium and neighbors for another 700 years.

713 years ago: Erlik’s Revolt. The Dvergar rise up and throw off the shackles of the Hyperboreans. Commorium influence in decline

350 years ago: The old Autarch, Koladar Xhoon The Great dies. A brief nasty house-war ensues and Xorumar Ghul ascends to the throne.

189 years ago: Xorumar discovers the secret of immortality. Shortly thereafter he declares himself god-emperor.

186 years ago: The priests of Mitra are expelled from the Great Temple and the persecutions start.

83 years ago: The Sorcerer-King, Ziles of Kor declares war on the rival city-states of Ghazor, Khazabad, Yemar, and Zhaol. He consolidates power and founds the Sultanate of Kor.

75 years ago: Kor and Commorium tensions rise as and border and trade disputes in the Phrygian Highlands and on the high seas lead to skirmishes and occasionally more serious spasms of violence.

65 years ago: Commorium declares open war on Kor. Ziles forges alliances with other Acadian city-states and the Stygian pirates. Mercenaries flock to both sides.

58 years ago: Sultan Ziles dies mysteriously, rumored to have been poisoned. His son assumes the title of Sultan, but he loses control of the subordinate city-states and The Phrygian War grinds down. An undeclared truce ensues that persists to this day.

Current: Numerous assassinations in the last year have rocked the Hyperborean nobility, fingers are pointed, house-wars are breaking out like a plague and several Illyrian city-states have declared independence from the Imperium — Archenon on the Isle of Denos the most prominent and powerful.


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