Orichalcum Longsword

A sword fit for a king. A gleaming yellow-gold blade, fixed to a silvered hilt and festooned with 3 identical black opals

weapon (melee)

A remarkable long sword of flawless construction.
Skill: plus 10%, Damage: 1D10+1, 1H, HP: 44, Length: Medium, Parry: yes, STR/DEX: 12/9, Weapon Class: swords, Cost: unknown


Taken from the preserved body of long-dead “Hyperborean” (?). This long-bladed sword has a hand-and-a-half grip and is flawless in its construction; showing no signs of wear. It was found sheathed in bronze scabbard festooned with garnets, opals, and pearls, with a relief sculpted along its length of swimming and diving fish. There are several cursive glyphs written on the scabbard in a language you do not understand.

Orichalcum Longsword

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