Adventures in Theia

Dire Portents

Attacked in the night

In the morning a group of horsemen thundered past the farmhouse toward the Kaer. Wondering what was up, Bros, Cadmus, and Maslorias followed them to town and then the king’s keep. Several of the horsemen were standing outside talking. Bros tried to eavesdrop unsuccessfully. He then chatted up the sword smiths with similar results. Eventually, the horseman leader emerged from the keep and left with his men. The queen’s sister also emerged from the keep. She made note of the outsiders and re-entered the keep. Sensing that their information gathering mission had failed, Cadmus returned to the farm. Bros went and bothered the guards for a bit, but failed to gain entry to their private ale house. Maslorias decided to visit Elwy the herbalist before returning to the farmhouse. She described a vision doom for the town. The king’s head in a chalice that poured blood over the the whole Kaer.

Back at the farmhouse, they discussed the vision with Ygr. With the vision in mind, and the lack of credible authorities to turn him over to for justice, it was decided to end the threat Derwin presented. Maslorias and Cadmus took Derwin downriver of the Kaer under cover of darkness. He was quickly executed and sent down the river.

That night Cadmus heard a disturbance during his watch. Charging into the darkness, he was promptly hit with an arrow. Bros and Maslorias went to his aid, but the situation only improved when Ygr and Judoc joined the fry. With their help a crazed bowman, Centorix, was captured and interrogated.

There are caves under the Kaer…


FlightlessScotsman Grimgravy

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