Adventures in Theia

Demon and Death in the Dark

People really need to stop falling into ravines

Finding the entrance to the cave did not prove difficult. Getting in required a name. Stating Derwin ap Ultan did the trick. The caves were ancient. Many feet over the centuries had worn paths in the floor. Some areas of the cave complex seemed unstable. Cadmus found a key under an odd statue. Exploring beyond the statue led to a chamber with ancient moldering robes and two locked chests. Maslorias found and disabled a tripwire attached to the chest opened by the key Cadmus had found. More moldering robe, black candles, and a cloak apparently fashioned from human skin were inside. Unable to open a demon shaped door, the trio continues exploring and came upon an actual demon trapped in a pentacle of blood with black candles burning at the corners who greeted their approach as if they were Ultan. The demon was willing to bargain for their soul. In other words, not at all helpful. Beyond the demon, they defeated a snake in a pool and discovered passages ready to collapse. Unsure how to banish the demon, Maslorias planned to divert an underground stream and flood the demon’s chamber. To that end, he used deep earth magic to block off some passages. That done, he was unable to divert the stream himself or summon and elemental to do it for him.

Leaving the demon for the time being they returned to the area with the gargoyles to finish exploring the caves. Approaching a chasm, Cadmus determined the ground was unstable. Bros, not paying attention, tried to skirt the chasm. The ground gave way and Bros plunged to his death. Using rope, Maslorias and Cadmus recovered Bros’ body and undamaged equipment. The carried him back to the farm on his shield…


FlightlessScotsman Grimgravy

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