Adventures in Theia

Goodbye demon, hello zombie?

Poke him with a stick

Having buried Bros under his severed head trophies, Maslorias turned over the cursed Orichalchum sword to Ygr for destruction. Stumped about how to deal with the demon, Cadmus and Maslorias took counsel with Ygr. They were all stumped until Judoc interrupted them with the demon’s true name: Mesokek.

Armed with the demon’s true name, Maslorias and Cadmus returned to the caves below the keep. Foregoing bargaining with the demon or trying to use it, they use it’s name to banish it from whence it came. On their way out, the door they suspected to exist behind the demon glyph swung open and an shrunken figure emerged. Cadmus, fearing a zombie, attacked. The figure dodged and squawked for water. After many questions and much prodding with a stick, the figure convinces Cadmus that he is not a zombie, but a foreign sorcerer named Bakadru imprisoned for reasons unknown to him. His scant memories point to the high druid, Ultan’s involvement…


FlightlessScotsman Grimgravy

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