Adventures in Theia

Samhain Approaches

Bakadru who?

Centorix the crazed bowman started to struggle at his bonds, bloodying himself. Intrigued, Bakadru, Cadmus, and Maslorias set him and followed him at a distance. The bowman made straight for the Kaer paying no heed to obstacles in his path or the injuries they caused him. Reaching the gate he mindless rammed into it until the guards noticed him. The guards, perturbed by the disturbance, eventually recognized Centorix but not his condition. Thinking the bowman was drunk off his ass, the guards let him in and laughed as he shambled off toward the High Druid’s home. Our trio used the distraction to slip into the Kaer and continue trailing the bowman. Ultan berated the bowman before heading towards the grove with his underlings. While Maslorias kept watch outside, Cadmus and Bakadru stole into the Druid’s home. Their entry triggered the summoning of a water elemental from a pool just inside the door. As the elemental gathered itself, the interlopers searched the home finding spell books and ancient coins.

They slipped out of the house and headed south before the elemental fully emerged, but the druids soon returned. The trio was forced to hide in the thickets as the druidic apprentices searched by lantern. Eventually the apprentices gave up and our heroes headed toward the gate. More hiding in thickets awaited them while they waited for morning and the opening of the gates. After sunrise, a decent opportunity to return to the farm failed to present itself. Perhaps they should have waited for the changing of the guards, but impatience got the better of them. Cadmus and Maslorias tried carrying Bakadru between them feigning drunk. Their ruse failed and Bakadru made the questionable decision ensorcell one of the guards. While the spelled guard waved them out, the other guard noted his compatriot’s odd behavior and called for aid in apprehending our heroes. Bakadru then made the even worse decision to forgo caution and openly cast a spell. Black sorcery drove the Kelts to attack Bakadru while Cadmus and Maslorias feigned that they had been ensorcelled as well. The Kelts cut down the errant sorcerer. As Bakadru bled out, Ultan arrived in hawk form and ordered Cadmus and Maslorias, who offered no resistance, taken to his home.



FlightlessScotsman Grimgravy

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