Unless otherwise stated below, use the rules on pages 28-32 for Allegiance.

Formal vs. Tacit Allegiance

A player character may gain Allegiance throughout his career to the three spheres, but until and unless they formally pledge themselves to some supernal patron or ideal, they can never claim any of the benefits of allegiance or reach apotheosis. N.B. This pledge need not be religious in nature (although it frequently is).

When the character declares their intent to enter the service of some force of Light, Shadow, or The Balance, there is usually some ritual performed to mark the occasion and there is always a sign. This sign can be something as subtle as a parting of the clouds, or as dramatic as a thunderclap or even revealed in a dream, but whatever the case there will be no doubt in the character’s mind as to its importance.

Actions that accrue Allegiance Points

Use this table on page 236 of Magic World as a guide:

Additionally, casting necromantic spells or black magic (spells that cause direct harm, either physical or mental) add 1 point to Shadow/Chaos per spell cast, which can eventually lead to corruption of the flesh and mind (see the section on Black Magic for details

Benefits of Allegiance

  • For every 100 points of Allegiance accumulated in any of the scores, add 10 percentiles to fast-talk, bargain, Charisma, Oratory, Insight when dealing with allies to your cause. Subtract 10 percentiles from these skills when dealing with forces opposed to your allegiance.

Divinely Granted Magic/Powers

Allegiance Light (Cult of Mitra, Cult of the Autarch)
In lieu of calling on aid to raise your skills 3 times per game session, your character instead gains access to “Light” spells (the spell cheat-sheet that I made lists spell types if you need a reference). As your character rises through the ranks of the cult you gain access to more spell levels of power(s). (N.B. Any invocation draws Magic Points from the character and never a magical reserve (like Brazier of Power, a Magic Staff, etc.)

  • A character who swears allegiance to Light (usually Mitra or the Hyperborean Autarch) can invoke their patron and call upon any light spell, so long as it is no more than 1/10th Light score in spell levels.
  • Invoking a spell (or miracle) requires an Allegiance Check. If the Check fails, you are cut-off from invoking your patron again until the next sunrise.
  • A character that becomes a Champion of Law can invoke any Light Spell with levels no more than 1/5th of his or her Light Score and doesn’t require an Allegiance Check to invoke.
  • Champions of Law can also call on their patron to restore a servant of light to life. They make a POWx1 roll, and if successful they are immediately called upon to undertake some great quest on behalf of the patron.

Allegiance Balance (Druids, Drune, Beast Cults, etc.)
In lieu of the ability to swear upon “The Balance” and gain 1/5th of Balance points as temporary Hit Points, the character instead knows the spell (Beast) Shape. It differs from the Sorcery spell in that any natural animal shape can be assumed (so long as the character has seen the creature before) OR, a character gains the power to summon elementals, OR the character learns the secrets of the natural world.

  • This version of (Beast) Shape persists for rounds equal to the Character’s Balance Score in rounds, doesn’t require any gestures or spoken words to manifest, but requires a successful Allegiance Check or the power cannot be used until the next sunrise.
  • If the character chooses mastery over Elementals instead, they gain Summon Elemental (as per the sorcery spell) and one “pathway” spell (Wings of the Sky, Bounty of the Sea, Flames of Sun, Gift of the Earth) for a single elemental type. The summoning succeeds if they make an Allegiance Check, (Magic Points cost are identical in all other respects to the Summon Elemental spell). The summoned elemental behaves as outlined on pages 59-66 of Advanced Sorcery. (Binding such an Elemental not only subtracts a point from Balance as normal, but also provokes an Allegiance Test).
  • If a character chooses mastery over the natural world, they gain 1/10th Balance Points as a bonus to all Perception skills, as well as Nature, Navigate, Hide, Move Quietly, & Track in natural surroundings. The Agent of Balance is more difficult to track in natural surroundings automatically making an opposed Nature Roll against any attempt to track them (no effort is required to hide your tracks). Lastly, when resting under the boughs of an oak and an Allegiance Check is made, the character benefits as if a Spirit of Healing had been laid upon them and their healing rate (HPs, MPs, characteristic points, duration of disease, poison etc.) doubles while they rest there.
  • A Champion of the Balance who knows (Beast) Shape can remain in beast form indefinitely. A Champion of Balance who summons Elementals gains all pathway spells and can summon any sort of Elemental. Summoned Elementals can be induced to obey hazardous or acts contrary to its nature if the summoner makes a successful Charisma Roll. A Champion of the Balance who masters nature, learns the languages of trees and plants at INTx3. Additionally, the character also learns something of the hidden pathways of oaks, yews and ash. Once per day he can touch a tree and sense the sights, sounds and smells present at all other trees of the same species up 1 mile per Balance Point. The character makes a POWx3 Luck Roll and if successful, there is “something” to be sensed within range (The “what” is determined randomly, unless there is a specific target tree). Lastly, the Champion of Balance undertakes a personal quest of enlightenment and if successful, gains the ability to reincarnate upon death and retain some vestiges of their previous life: A new character gains the old character’s Balance Points as bonus skills points during character creation (no single skill higher than 60).

Allegiance Shadow (Demoniac cults, witches, Elder God cults, etc.)
Instead of gaining more Magic Points and the ability to communicate with a patron, the character instead is given the ability to summon demons, acquire demoniac characteristics, OR eventually become a sapient undead and cheat death.

  • A servant of shadow that becomes a diabolist gains the Summon Demon power, which functions identically to the Summon Demon spell on page 125. If the character passes an Allegiance Check he successfully summons a lesser demon, if the appropriate number of magic points are expended and 1 point of POW is spent to bind it. If successful, the demon then takes the form of an animal familiar and shares its Magic Points with its summoner, as well as a telepathic link, that allows summoner and demon to share thoughts over any distance (as long as they are on the same plane).
  • A servant of Shadow that chooses transmogrification of their body, sacrifices points of APP and POW to a Patron of shadow and gains Chaotic Features from the table on pages 213-214. The character sacrifices one point each of both characteristics and rolls randomly to determine the Chaotic Features it acquires. The only limit is that a character cannot have more Chaotic Features than 1/50th their Shadow Score (round down). Note: These Chaotic Features are readily visible and will clearly mark out a character as a servant of Chaos/Shadow
  • Servants of Shadow that wish to cheat death and serve Shadow for eternity in the mortal sphere can attempt to do so but once in their life. The character calls out to the Lords of Shadow at the moment of his death (either by his own hand or at his enemy’s). The character then rolls a POWx1 roll (modified by adding 1/5th of the character’s Shadow Points to their POW). If they pass the character becomes a Ghoul (gaining all of the restrictions and benefits of being a ghoul and retains all of their earthly memories and skills).
  • Diabolist Champions of Shadow who summon demons can summon a Greater Demon that serves as a familiar. Transmogrified Champions of Shadow can spend POW and APP and hand-pick Chaotic Feature(s). Champions of Shadow that seek undeath, become a Liche provided they pass a POWx3 roll (modified by adding 1/5th of the character’s Shadow Points to POW).


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