Druids, Drunes and Bards

Fey Magic

The spellcasting of Druids, Drunes and Bards uses the rules outlined on pages 118-123 of the Avanced Sorcery supplement. Fey magic requires no casting roll and always succeeds (provided the individual isn’t interrupted). This form of magic drains POW directly from the Druid and they regain this POW only on the next sunrise.



The Druids’ Circle in Keltic lands is usually recognized by all as the high authority in all things related to law, custom and the supernatural. Even High Kings will usually defer to the wisdom of a Druid, and the Great Druid is the last authority in all matters terrestrial or ethereal.

Rules of Initiation:

When a person is brought into the circle they are untested and hold no rank within the hierarchy. Thereafter they must prove themselves through word, deed and wisdom that they possess what it takes to lead a clan, a tribe or Greater Keltica before they are raised to the rank of Initiate or beyond.

Ranks & Requirements:

Occupation Skills: Art (Customs), Art (Astronomy or Astrology), Oratory, Nature, Insight, World Lore, 1 Weapon Skill, and 1 Personal Interest skill

Layman: No allegiance to The Balance, but gains access to 1D6+3 levels of spells.

Initiate: Achieves a basic Allegiance to The Balance (must be 20 points higher than all other scores at all times). Knows 1D6+9 levels of spells and gains: Animal Friendship(3), Witch Sight(1), Guide Air(4), Guide Earth(4), Guide Fire(4) and Guide Water(4).

Druid: Achieves apotheosis at 100 points in The Balance, and Balance score must be 50 points higher than any other allegiance. Knows 1D6+15 levels of Spells and learns: Banish Tumult(20), Chain of Being (4), Omen(3), and Summon Elemental(Any) (as well as all of the required spells). Also gains the other benefits associated with being a champion of The Balance. Furthermore, there are only ever 7 “Druids” at any given time, to become a full Druid requires a challenge and a non-lethal contest of wisdom and magic. Failing in this test means the Initiate must wait at least a year and a day before he or she may challenge again.

Great Druid: Must maintain an Allegiance score of 100 to The Balance at all times. The Great Druid understands all of the Fey Magic in Advanced Sorcery, and also knows the following spells: Call Rain(4+1POW), Call Winter’s Chill(15+1POW), Control Sea Life, Invocation of the Spirit of Peace(15), Mystical Messenger, and Rite of Supernal Fecundity(10). Furthermore, the Great Druid must be elected by four of the seven other Druids in the circle. The Great Druid serves for life. Given the advanced age that most are when they assume the title, a five to ten year long term is typical.



Bards are part of the hierarchy of the Druids, serving as messengers, scribes, historians and emissaries. Bards always serve the Druids in the hierarchy, but can achieve great status and fame in their own right. Some of the greatest Keltic heroes in history were bards of renown.

Ranks & Requirements

Occupation Skills: Art (Poetry), Art (Singing), 1 Weapon Skill, World Lore, Fast Talk, Oratory, and two personal interest skills.

Probationer: No allegiance to The Balance but knows 1D3+1 levels of spells.

Emissary: Achieves allegiance to The Balance (must remain 20 points higher than all other allegiances). Oratory, Art (singing), Art (poetics), and World Lore must all be 50+. Knows 1D6+3 levels of Spells.

Bard: Achieves apotheosis at 100 points in The Balance, and Balance score must remain 50 points higher than any other allegiance. One of Oratory, Art (singing), or Art (poetics) or World Lore must exceed 90. Knows 1D6+8 levels of Spells and can achieve quasi magical effects with their Oratory, Art and World Lore skills. The Bard with Arete (101+ in one of the skills listed above) can end a battle with a powerful song, break an enchantment, predict the future, etc. (see page 107 of Advanced Sorcery for more details)

Special Skills: For Emissaries or True Bards

  • Poetics The Bard’s Art(Poetics) skill can inspire others to great acts. On a “Special Success” up to POW number of people gain a 5% bonus to their next skill check. At skill 101+ (Arete) a normal success achieves the same effect. On a “Critical Success” the bonus is doubled. (Other benefits according to the rules of Arete also apply).
  • Bard’s Song With a “Special Success” The Bard’s Art(singing) can enchant and hold all in earshot in rapt attention for as long as the bard plays/sings.All affected are afforded a POW vs POW resistance roll. At skill 101+ a “Normal Success” achieves the same result. Additionally, a “Critical Success” indicates that the effect lingers for POW rounds after the Bard ceases to play/sing. (Other benefits according to the rules of Arete also apply). Any hostile act, by anyone towards the enchanted breaks the effect.
  • Bard’s Knowledge A Bard’s study of history and myths give them insights into artefacts of legendry. On a “Special Success” with the World Lore skill one bit of lore about a masterwork, or enchanted object is revealed (who made it, who wielded it, etc.) At skill 101+ a “Normal Success” reveals the same information. On a “Critical Success” the knowledge revealed is extensive; true names of demon-possessed objects, activation key words (“Open Sesame!”), and the like.



The Valley Picts of Northern Getae who follow Keltic gods and ways, have their own circle of Druids they call Drunes. It is organized in much the same way as their Keltic neighbors, but they only venerate Cernunoss, The Cailleach Bheur and Arawn.

Although the Drunic and Druidic circles have different philosphies — the former being much more animistic and less legalistic, and the latter being much more focused on matters of law and dimplomacy — The two groups will infrequently cooperate when faced with some great external threat and are not on unfriendly terms with one another.

Mountain Picts reject Drunic theology and philosophy, they believe the only way to properly propitiate Cernunoss and Cailleach Bheur is through constant blood sacrifices.

Druids, Drunes and Bards

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