Optional Rules In-play


Humans can use one of three generation methods ( see this wiki entry for details) non-human characters only ever generated with random rolls.

Skills & Skill Points

Characters can use either occupations and the defined skill bundles that come with them, or freely assign a pool of points (as per page 23 in Magic World).

Heroic Hit Points

Character Hit Points are CON+SIZ .


Because Player characters (and certain important NPCs) use the optional ‘Heroic Hit Points’ rule on page 15. Consequently all healing rates for physik, natural healing and spells are doubled; i.e. weekly healing rate is 2D3/week, a successful application of the physik skill heals 1d6 Hit Points per wound, etc.

Common NPCs’ Hit Points are determined by the default method (CON+SIZ / 2).

Combat procedures

On page 64 under the ‘Order of Action’ heading, omit the ‘Statements’ phase. This is superfluous. Instead each player declares his/her actions on their turn in the combat round. If you want to delay your action to a later Dex Rank and respond to the unfolding events that is also a valid tactic.

Weapons & Armor

Prices and statistics for weapons and armor have been adjusted for many entries, refer to Arms and Armor for tables and other details.

Thrown or hurled missile weapons fall under the Throw skill, instead of special weapon classes.

Spell Casting

Sorcery requires a successful use of the “Cast Magic” skill, instead of POW 16+. Other sorcerous and magical traditions from Advanced Sorcery forms the basis of magic in certain religions and cultures (see the Sorcery entry for more details).

Optional Rules In-play

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