The Autarch



The cult of the Autarch, Xorumar Ghul, is a universal religion within the Commoric Imperium. Every person is expected to pay a 10% tithe of all held coin once per year on the Festival of Light; when Helios is at its zenith and solstice.

The cult of the Autarch is relatively benign and unobtrusive. So long as people pay their tithe, and display no idols, or accouterments of competing faiths (especially Mitraism). However for the recalcitrant, or obdurate, the church wields absolute authority through it’s faith-militant, and the cult’s secretive and furtive enforcers, the Seekers of Truth and Penitence.


The faith of the Autarch’s central teaching is the battle between light and darkness and the inherent superiority of Light over Shadow. They eschew the summoning of demons and consorting with creatures and beings of Chaos, teaching that the only way to a happier next life is through total submission to the Autarch. The perfect expression of order, hierarchy and staying in one’s position. The faithful will reap a reward of being reincarnated to a higher caste or class in the next life, with the highest achievement being granted “true manhood” and being born to The Eld (or Hyperboreans as common men call them).


The Autarch

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