Aixenos Sea

The violent wine-dark waters of the Aixenos Sea lay north of Illyria, south of the Kurgan tundra, and divide Getae in the west from the Phrygian highlands and Kimmerian massiff in the east.

Frequent storms sweep out of the north and during winter large sheets of ice form off of the Kurgan coastline. In the summer icebergs pose a constant hazard to mariners.

Most craft that ply the waters of this turbulent sea are Illyrian cogs and merchantmen that hug the Illyrian coast, ferrying goods and people from Commorium to its coastal satraps.

The Phrygians, Kimmerians, Kurgans and Kelts that live on the shores of the Aixenos are not well-known as seamen — typically their boats are seldom more sophisticated than simple, single masted fishing boats and shallow drafted estuary craft.

Aixenos Sea

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