Custom Spells


Magic Circle (6+ varies): Range: Touch, Resisted: See Below
A magic circle is a pentacle or other empowered ward inscribed on a surface for the purposes of holding a spirit, daemon, or elemental in place. up to SIZ equal to MP. Alternatively, a sorcerer and others of SIZ equal to POW may stand inside the circle and be safe from harm within. Any hostility towards a warded spirit, elemental, demon or undead breaks the Magic Circle instantaneously.

The spell requires that the caster spend 1 hour diagramming the circle and pass a Scribe skill check to ensure that the wards are properly spaced and that there are no imperfections which might undermine it. If the sorcerer fails he can start over, If he fumbles the roll he doesn’t notice the imperfections. The sorcerer then expends 6 magic points to empower the circle and persists for as long as 1 MP per hour is expended to empower it (this can be done by other sorcerers who know the ritual). If this expenditure of Magic Points ceases the Magic Circle loses potency after an hour and fades to nothing. To make the circle permanent requires 1,000 bronzes worth of powdered silver and sacrificing 1 permanent point of POW.

Fey Magic (Restricted to Druids, Drunes and Bards)

Fairie Fire(3 POW): Range: Sight Resist: No
When this spell is cast, all creatures within the area of effect are outlined with a faint glow. The caster does not have to see those in the area of effect to cast this spell upon them; one just needs to know they are present and within range. Those under the effects of Faerie Fire are able to be seen even in complete darkness or if invisible, removing all penalties caused by either of these conditions. If the observer is standing in magical darkness, the glow can be seen as far away as 30 meters; if in partial lighting, such as that of a campfire or torch, the glow can be seen up to 10 meters. The glow itself is harmless to the creature. Undo Sorcery(3) cancels the effect.

Warp Wood(1-4 POW): Range: Touch Resist: No
For Each point of POW expended 6 SIZ of wood can be warped. (1 SIZ = a quiver of arrows, a spear shaft, etc. A large city gate might be 30-40 SIZ, but you need not warp the entirety of the door to damage it or burst its hinges). If cast on an enchanted piece of wood the Druid must match their POW (before casting the spell) against the original enchanter’s POW on the resistance table. This spell can be reversed to straighten warped wood (magically altered or otherwise).


Custom Spells

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