Dvergar (Dwarfs)


An ancient race native to the lightless warrens of the underworld. For centuries the Hyperboreans made them their thralls; forced to mine and refine rare orichalcum ore and conscripted to fight as disposable fodder in their masters’ many wars of conquest. All of this changed seven hundred years ago when a great leader, Erlik, rose up and led the Dvergar in a revolt that shook the foundations of the Hyperboreans’ mighty empire. The Slave War that followed lasted for 80 years and inflicted massive casualties on both sides and in the end most Dvergar retreated to the lightless caverns of Underearth, eager to put their trials and horrors behind them. However, a few were not so eager to return to their dim halls and instead founded outposts near the surface where they slowly established trade with Kelts, Acadians and others who might have use of their fine weapons and armor against the hated Hyperboreans.

There are two sorts of Dvergar: Near-surface Dvergar (called Dwarfs) who never quite gave up human ways after their time in captivity and Deep Dvergar who burrowed deep and cut themselves off the world This divergence in habits and philosophy has proved to be a source of embarrassment and conflict for Dwarfs resulting in occasional feuds and clashes between Dvergar clans in the intervening years since the revolt.

Characteristics: STR 4d6, DEX 3d6, CON 1d6+12, SIZ 1d6+6, INT 2d6+6, POW 3d4, APP 2d6 MV 6
Cultural skills: Brawl, Bargain, Evaluate, Other Language, Potions, Craft (smithing), Craft (Mining), Repair/Devise, Traps, Search and Sense.
Allowed Occupations: Craftsman, Hunter (Underworld), Lost, Forgotten, Mercenary/Bodyguard, Merchant, Apothecary, Engineer, Slave, Small Trader (Underworld), Soldier/Guard, Thief.

Special Abilities: Artificer, Earthsense & Immortality. All Dvergar regardless of station, occupation or inclination possess great skill as metalsmiths, miners and craftsmen – it’s in their very blood. Craft (armorsmith), Craft (weaponsmith) Craft (mining) and Repair/Devise start with a bonus to these skills equal to INTx1. Furthermore Dvergar are not hampered by darkness in any way, perceiving their underground environment by disturbances of the air and sensing heat. Lastly, a Dvergar who spends his life underground can live indefinitely (minus catastrophe or accident). Journeys outside of their native underground home severs their special connection with the weird energies of stone and they begin aging as mortal men. Returning to their underground realm halts this aging process, but won’t reverse it.

Weaknesses: Photophobia or Agoraphobia. Player chooses one phobia. Anytime the character is exposed to either intense light or wide open spaces they must pass a Luck roll or all of their skills are reduced by -25 percentiles for as long as they are exposed to their phobia.

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Dvergar (Dwarfs)

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