Olive complected and hair ranging from sandy blonde to black jet, Illyrians are the common folk of Theia, the predominant human culture at the center of Inworld and the Commoric Imperium where they live under the iron fist of their Hyperborean masters and their god-like Autarch.

Illyria is bounded by the winedark Aixenos sea to the north and the crystal blue waters of the Stygian sea in the south. The land is mostly rocky, hilly and temperate with cold winters and hot summers. Illyria is most famous for its wine and its hoplite warriors.

All Illyrians speak and understand the language of their overlords the Hyperboreans: Language (Hyperborean) = INTx3

Characteristic Adjustment: +1 INT, +1 APP
Cultural Backgrounds: Chiefdom or State
Skill Bonus: +10 Oratory or +10 Spears
Innate Power: Inspire
In times of duress (battle or other stressful situations) if an Illyrian passes a CHARISMA x3 roll they can spend 1d6 minutes encouraging his allies or companions to greater feats. If the check passes, and the time is taken to inspire, up to POW number of people gain percentiles equal to POW on their next skill check. N.B. This only works for Physical and Communication skills.

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