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Welcome to the wiki for Adventures in Theia

This is the place to get any information on well-known NPCs, cultures, history, geography and anything else you’d care to know about the world of Theia as well as a repository for any special house rules or modifications made to the BRP/Magic World game rules. Click on a link to bring up more information on a specific topic

The Rules


Character Creation
Optional Rules In-play
Time and Movement
Arms and Armor
Custom Spells
Spot Rules

Cultures & Sapient Creatures

Any group that has an identifiable society or culture in the world


Acadians: Dwellers of the eastern deserts and arid highlands
Illyrians: People of the rocky hills and coastal city-states around the Imperial City of Commorium
Kelts: Folk of the rolling hills and deep forest of western Theia
Kimmerians: Displaced race of massive, warlike people from the mountains of the Kimmerian Massif
Kurgan: Tundra dwellers of the utter north
Picts: Savage, barbarians of northern Getea
Stygians: Mysterious folk of the deep southern jungles south of the Stygian sea
Dvergar: Stunted, fey folk native to the Underworld. Master craftsmen and artificers
Halflings: A diminutive, repulsive race of thieves, murderers and whinging boot-lickers. Nobody likes them!
Hyperboreans: The stately, subtle, “True Men” of Theia and source of all that is good and true and pure in the world
Saurials (Lizard-folk): Sly, furtive, anthropoid lizard-folk who dwell in the swamps and fens of Theia, particularly Stygia
Mongrelmen: Misshapen Chaos-touched brutes who live at the fringes of respectable society, subsisting on the refuse and detritus of proper people


Cults, Gods, & Daemons

Law and Chaos
Gods and Religion

History, Culture, & Geography

Calendar: Current date and systems of time keeping
Timeline: An approximate timeline of important events (from an Illyrian/Hyperborean perspective)
Recent History: Important events that give context to current events and developments
Deep History: Events of mythic history: Legends, stories, and tales of dubious veracity.
News-Rumors: The word on the street
Historic Figures: Figures from history that have shaped the world
Important People: Important rulers, powerful sorcerers. Men and women of renown.
Geography: Physical characteristics of the land and how it was formed.
Economy, Wealth and Exchange: Coinage, trade, and the wealth of nations
Language: Rules for acquiring languages, who gets what, etc.
Nations, Places & Sites: Facts and figures about settlements and sites of note
Unique Flora: Plants and herbs unique to Theia
Unique Fauna: Animals unique to Theia
Materials: Alternate materials used in arms & armor
Alchemy, Potions and Herbalism: All the drugs


Collected Notes

Materials required for play (for a “Hangouts” game)

  • You will need a microphone (and preferably headphones, to eliminate/reduce feedback and reverb) and the following items: A copy of Chaosium’s Magic World pdf, and a demo version (or better) of Fantasy Grounds.
  • Connecting to the Virtual Tabletop The instructions for Fantasy Grounds are here. The permanent Google Hangouts link is located here (and can be launched by anybody with the link).

Main Page

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