Bronze statue of Mitra astride the straits of Commorium

The Origin of Mitra

The worship of Mitra began many millennia ago after the Hyperboreans were forced to flee their ancient, doomed continent on the roof of the world, and wander Theia for a thousand years because of the White Death, brought by Yikkorth.

When the Hyperborean remnant was at their lowest point, a miracle occurred. An avatar of the living sun was born; a child of pure light, born of a virgin. Mitra grew up quick and strong and proved himself peerless as a warrior and a philosopher, and in due course assumed leadership of the hard-pressed people of that ancient race of True Men.

Mitra is said to have harnessed the dead Titan Helios’ uncontrolled flaming chariot, and thereafter blinded and burned Yikkorth, The Ashen Worm, forcing him to retreat and relent. Thereafter Mitra found a lush, verdant land and founded New Commorium. After many long years of peaceful and wise rule, he reached apotheosis and ascended into the sky, where he mounted the sun disc, and ensures it spreads its life-giving rays each day from dawn to dusk. When he must retire to the Underworld and refresh himself so that he can be born anew.

Cult of Mitra
Although originally, strictly a Hyperborean religion, the faith quickly spread to Inner Theia as the Hyperborean empire grew in power and brought civilization to the rude and primitive submen they encountered and conquered. Mitraism is a universalizing religion that proselytizes heavily, teaching that only harmony and peace will come to the world when people embrace his light and turn away from the Shadow and false gods.

Basic Tenets
Harmony, Stability, Purity, Charity, and Veracity. The Mitraic faith is well-known for both its faith-militant who seek out Chaos and destroy it, as well as its healers and missionaries who seek to improve the daily lives of the poor, the disenfranchised and oppressed. As such Mitraics often find themselves at odds with rulers who find them meddlesome and seditious — no small number of slave revolts can be traced to a Mitraic mystic preaching to the poor.

Priests and Clergy
Characters who start as cultists of the church have access to a certain limited number of sorcery spells if they want them (1d6+3 spell levels):

  • Beckoning Earth (10)^
  • Breath of Life (1)
  • Chain of Being (4)
  • Contribute to Truth (1)
  • Flames of the Sun (4)
  • Heal (2)
  • Healing Trance (2-16)^
  • Moonrise (1)
  • Morality (4)
  • Reflection (9)
  • Spirit Screen (1-3)
  • Summon Healing Spirit (1)
  • Ward (3)
^ Not availble to initiatates

Other Facts
The Mitraic faith is currently heavily persecuted in the Commoric Imperium. With the rise of the Autarch’s cult, and his assertion of godhood, he has authorized a pogrom to root out and eradicate the old faith of Mitra. As a result many priests and faithful have fled to other lands or cities where the authority and power of the Autarch’s inquisitors and assassins is not so strong.

Aside from the more current troubles with the Cult of the Autarch, Mitra’s chief rival has always historically been the evil god Set of Stygia. Many dozens of wars have been fought between the armies of Commorium and Stygia down through the centuries.

That Paladins of Mitra are a loosely organized body of warriors-priests and agents who hunt and oppose Chaos wherever they find it in the world. Adventurers loyal to Mitra often aspire to membership within this group.


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