Stygian Sea

In contrast to the cold, storm-blasted dark waters of the Aixenos Sea north of Illyria, the Stygian waters south of Commorium and north of Stygia are clear blue, and less prone to storms == although no less treacherous.

The Stygian Sea is navigable, but beset by several hazards. Pirate vessels are common; all along the coast, several lawless buccaneer port cities in the no-man’s-land between Acadia and Stygia offer safe harbor to all manner of desperate and ruthless men. The triremes of Commorium and corsairs of Acadia do their best to safeguard merchant traffic, but their own low-simmering war that has spanned the better part of six decades hampers any coordinated rooting out of the pirate lords.

In addition to rampant piracy, the deep waters of the Stygian Sea are also home to a number of colossal krakens and other sea monsters that are quite aggressive. Some say these horrors of the deep are the servants of the sorcerer-kings of Stygia, but this is mostly dismissed as baseless conjecture, but Stygia’s lack of a sea-worthy navy only fuels speculation.

Lastly, there is a large swirling ante-clockwise maelstrom said to be 100 miles wide in the center of the Stygian Sea. Legends say that this maelstrom is a gate to the Underworld and vessels that dare to travel too close are never seen again.

However, this hazard has also proved to be a tempting source of advantage for the more daring captains and crews who sail here; if the winds are right and the conditions favorable, skillful pilots have been known to risk the powerful currents at the edge of the vortex to shave weeks and days off of their journey.

Stygian Sea

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