The traditional Illyrian gods; the Titans are divine offspring of the primal Old Gods Gaia and Ouranos.

Hyperion, Theia, Oceanus, Atlas, Prometheus, Phoebe, Kronus, Rhea, Helios, Selene, Eos, and Phobos Lepetos, Krios, and Koios form the basis for ancient Illyrian religion and are still worshiped in small shrines in the countryside or in secret within the confines of the city-states that fall under the Commoric Imperium, where such propitiation is banned by decree of the Immortal Autarch — the Hyperborean god-emperor of New Commorium Xorumar Ghul.

Although the Autarch has decreed Titan worship anathema, this is rarely enforced by his secret temple enforcers, especially since the Imperial religion sees Mitra worship as far more of a threat and devotes most of their energies to hunting down and persecuting his adherents.

Illyrians propitiate these gods with appropriate animal or property sacrifices on certain holy days of the year or when trying to invoke good fortune related each Titan’s particular sphere of influence.

There are strict gender divisions in the priesthood for each Titan. Male Titans have male clergy and female Titans have female clergy.


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